The Burrow is a Harry Potter TCG run by Rheanna. While it is not the first fully-automatic TCG out there, it is the first English-based fully-automatic TCG available for play.

The website opened in June 2017 and is still in the pre-join phase. The TCG received immediate attention and within just a couple of days had almost 30 members.

It reopned for prejoin on August 14, 2019.


Current StaffEdit


The Burrow started in on it's planning phase in January 2017 when all other Harry Potter TCG's had died out. Rheanna wanted to see it flourish so she started in with deciding what features would be appreciated. That's when she decided to try her hand at a fully-automated Harry Potter TCG. 

It took almost six months of coding to finally produce a product that was sufficient enough to open to the general public (as the demand was such that the members wanted to see additional features come later). It wasn't perfect by any means and she spent the next week constantly searching for the errors that the members were bringing to her attention. 


Master CardsEdit

Member CardsEdit

Members do not have member cards to trade (at least not at this time), but rather have the option of uploading their own avatar to the site to be used in future features.


Leveling ocurrs automatically and only after a certain number of cards are obtained. Because of the ease of obtaining cards, the card count is slightly higher than typical TCGs.

  • First Year: 001-499
  • Second Year: 500-999
  • Third Year: 1000-2499
  • Fourth Year: 2500-3999
  • Fifth Year: 4000-5999
  • Sixth Year: 6000-7999
  • Seventh Year: 8000-10499
  • Alumni: 10500+



Galleons are obtained through games, mastering, and other methods. These can be used in Diagon Alley to purchase random cards, packs of any category or subcategory, and other items. 

Bertie Botts Every Flavor BeansEdit

The beans can be used to purchase choice cards and wizard cards at the bean exchange in Diagon Alley.

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