• Hi Megumi! This may be an odd request, but since you and Samichan are the most active editors on the wiki right now I figured I should reach out to you two. Anyway the old server is going down at the end of this month and I'm working on moving the (active) hostees over to the new server, but there are still some old tcgs and trade posts on the network that I've been trying to catalog on the wiki in my spare time. I haven't had a lot of free time the past few months though with the last two semesters and dealing with issues on my current server (they just did a manual migration to a new server).

    But anyway, if you were ever bored and looking for new material to add to the wiki, here is a listing of some tcg stuff:

    If the page is missing it means I've already moved the material to the new server or archived it on the wiki. I'm gonna ask Samichan as well and I'll still try and archive what I can when I can, in the very least the week before I might just save everything on my harddrive and sort later if it comes to it. XD

    Thanks for all your hardwork on the wiki Megumi! You're really keeping this place alive!

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