• It's amazing what you've created here! I just wanted to say, this was super awesome of you. It made my sister happy to see her TCG's here- Chakra and INN (It's Not Noise). We couldn't even remember what INN stood for when we were looking at her old TCG collection. It would be awesome if we found her old INN cards/files. But since it did close earlier on, it's highly doubtful.

    I want to add though, TIY (TaiInuYoukai) wasn't an Inuyasha-centric TCG. It was all animes. I managed that for a while for the owner while she was away until ultimately, she decided to take it down. If I ever find my own collection, I will be back.


    June (I was Roxy)

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    • just to edit, not Roxy from the list you already have.

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    • I'm glad that you guys enjoyed what you found! I had been playing tcgs since way back also, and was kind of surprised that nobody had really archived anything. Was met with some resistance at first which surprised me, but the wiki has grown quite a bit thanks to the community. :)

      I'll edit the pages with the info you gave me!

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