Sadly wikia auto capitalizes the first letter in every page url, I can't do anything to change that formatting. :( I suppose since it makes it less confusing if someone types in their name capital or no they will get the right results.

In the case of there being more than one person with the same name, a directory page is placed under the name, and the pages are then named either by the person's most unique alternate nick name or with a number. You can see this page as a sample:

Two Jennifers are numbered with a (1) and (2), but the third chose to use her sometimes alias and domain name, onesonicbite.

So if you would like another unique URL, just rename the Hannah page to that so that I can put the other Hannah's cards back up with a number and have the main page split off. Otherwise I'll set your page to a number.

Also sorry for the mix up. With so many people with the same names its tricky, and I usually use birthdays as a discrepency check since it's a 1 in 12 chance, but you both have the same birth month as well!

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