An example of a domain hosted trade post

A trade post is a website where a TCG player displays their cards. Having a trade post is necessary for playing TCGs.

Many players choose to have their trade post hosted on a domain, typically with one of several management scripts available. There are many kind domain owners who offer hosting and will sometimes install management scripts for their hostees.

Others choose to code their trade posts manually, and use journal style websites such as Livejournal, Dreamwidth, and Tumblr.

Recently, TCGs have been becoming more automated and some TCGs offer an on site trade post. Players login and cards earned are automatically moved to their trade post. A notable example of a TCG that utilizes this is Happy Snowflake.

Free LayoutsEdit


An example of a trade post using Replica's Table Template for journal trade posts

Trade Post ManagersEdit

There are three major scripts that are widely used on trade posts.

Helpful ScriptsEdit

There are also some additional scripts available to improve a trade post's functionality.

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