Trading Academy is an anime, manga, and video game TCG by Rahenna.

The theme has changed slightly from being a normal multi-anime TCG with one deck per series to illustrations, with multiple decks dedicated to a series.

Additional InformationEdit

  • Second Closing: March 31, 2016



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Old CurrencyEdit


Patrons are a side activity at Trading Academy that allows you to spend currency for power ups. There are a total of 8 categories you can purchase a power up from. You may only ever have 3 patrons active at one time and someone may have the same patron as someone else. If you wish to earn more patrons, you will have to release one that you currently have active.

Update CategoryEdit

  • ~ 30 fame: take one extra choice card from every card release
  • ~ 50 fame: take two extra choice cards from every card release (each from a different deck)
  • ~ 70 fame: take two extra choice cards from every card release (they CAN be from the same deck, but don't have to be)

Donation CategoryEdit

  • ~ 20 fame: receive one extra random card for each image donation
  • ~ 40 fame: donation limit increased to FIVE decks per month
  • ~ 50 fame: take TWO cards of your choice from a deck you donated once it is released (cannot stack with update abilities!)

Autograph Book CategoryEdit

  • ~ 20 fame: receive one extra random card for each completed book
  • ~ 30 fame: you will be allowed to list the same person THREE times in one book, but only ONE person per book!
  • ~ 60 fame: receive one choice card coupon for each completed book

Game CategoryEdit

  • ~ 20 fame: receive the answer to ONE game each week (cannot be saved up week-to-week; use it or lose it! PM Rahenna to redeem)
  • ~ 40 fame: you will be allowed to take additional freebies each week (once purchased, I'll PM you the password!)
  • ~ 50 fame: once per month, you can play the weekly games twice in one week

Forum Actvity CategoryEdit

  • ~ 20 fame: contribute up to 4 cards per week to Group Collect
  • ~ 30 fame: swap up to 5 cards per week with the Card Swap
  • ~ 60 fame: in Mini Mastery, use up to 2 free/wild spaces in each deck - these can take the place of any card you're missing!

Art Challenge CategoryEdit

  • ~ 20 fame: have three active art challenges at once
  • ~ 50 fame: complete a challenge with one less card than usual (9 cards = reward for 10 cards, 8 cards = reward for 9 cards, etc)
  • ~ 60 fame: receive one choice card per week for ONE of your current art challenges

Fame Shop/Goodies CategoryEdit

  • ~ 2 fame = one retired member card
  • ~ 2 fame = one choice coupon (max ten per month)
  • ~ 20 fame = your forum account will be edited to display a custom title and sprite under your avatar (PM Rahenna to redeem)

Be the Boss CategoryEdit

This category is a special category that let's you request Rahenna to do site related activities.The price of these orders will go up as more members reach the required Fame level, so be prepared!

Layout GalleryEdit

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