Trainee is a Korean Music TCG by Maitland.

When you join Trainee, your name becomes the identity of a person who is trying to become a trainee in a korean music company. Real idols might have a specifc skill that they excell at and when you join, you are asked to pick one for yourself. Each skill corresponds to a deck type and mastering that deck type will get you more cards as a bonus.

Due to lack of activity, it never opened fully and the site shut down by April.



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Levels at Trainee are steps that your idol persona are taking to become a international superstar. It started out with a task-based level system, but Maitland has changed it to a point-based system

  • Level 1: Youtuber
  • Level 2: Ulzzang
  • Level 3: Back Up Dancer
  • Level 4: Love Calls
  • Level 5: Instructor
  • Level 6: Open Audtion
  • Level 7: Trainee
  • Level 8: Survival Program
  • Level 9: Debut
  • Level 10: Nations Sweetheart


There are two types of currency at Trainee and both are kept track of on the site.

  • Won: the money system. Can be used to buy cards in the shop.
  • Points: for the level system. Each level takes 200 points to complete and they will be removed once you level up.

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