Tricot is an anime store themed TCG that revolves around media such as anime, manga, games and even live-action. The name is taken from a cafe in the anime/manga Pita-Ten.

Site InformationEdit

  • Owner: Pshaman
  • Category: Animangames
  • Lifetime: 2010




Special cards are considered "Platinum" cards and can only be one through special games in the arcade, buying them in the shop, trading in golden butterflies or earning them through various events.

Member cardsEdit

Member cards are worth 0 and may be traded freely amongst members. Membercards are mastered with every 5 you recieve a bonus of $50.


Levels at Tricot are named after customer status, with 10 total. After reaching the maximum level, you will gain a reward for every 250 cards you recieve. 

  • Newcomer: 05 - 100
  • Mutual Guest: 101 - 250
  • Beloved Customer: 251 - 400
  • Passionate Fan: 401 - 550
  • Specialist: 551 - 700
  • Addicted Fan: 701 - 850
  • Famous: 851 - 1000
  • V.I.P: 1001 - 1150
  • Otaku: 1151 - 1300
  • Phantom: 1301 +
  • Phantom +: + 250


Once you've collected all the cards in a deck; you've mastered it. Mastered decks cannot be traded off.


Tricot used 2 forms of currency: dollars and butterflies. Dollars are general currency found all over the site that you can purchase cards with. Butterflies are harder to find but are the currency used to purchase choice cards. The silver and gold butterflies are the most rare.

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