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Purely out of just-for-fun purposes, this is the ultimate list of TCG Trivia. Please provide sources for anything and everything you add, if applicable.

Feel free to use it as you please for games, etc.

General Trivia[]

  • The first TCG was Senshi Card-Mania!, a Sailor Moon TCG that opened sometime around 2002 by Calico.
  • Many of the earliest TCGs were Sailor Moon or anime related.
  • The TCG Community has been around for over 10 years.
  • MyTCG is the most common script used for TCG management.
  • EasyTCG FM is the most popularly used script for trade post management.
  • Member Cards are a staple in almost every TCG now but it wasn't always the case! They actually didn't come about until probably around 2005.
  • Punk-Rose templates is the most common templates for TCGs and player posts.
  • In terms of anime TCGs, although the first TCGs were generally themed around Sailor Moon, making them Single Anime TCGs, the trend of single series TCGs has faded and they are extremely rare.

Member Trivia[]

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