Vicodin is a TCG featuring the television series House M.D. and owned by Vianelis.

The short-lived TCG was active around the year 2009.

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Regular cards consisted of puzzle images of characters and cast members, as well as episode screencaps. Special cards include relationship decks, puzzles of season promos, character decks, and events. Some special cards have zero value.

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Levels were made to be that of doctors in hospitals such as junior, fellow, resident, and the like.

  • Level 1: High School Graduate
  • Level 2: Freshmen
  • Level 3: Sophomore
  • Level 4: Junior
  • (data on further levels unavailable)


For currency, Vicodin TCG uses pills of different variants and have corresponding values.

  • Blue/White = 10
  • Blue/Orange = 20
  • Red/White = 50
  • Red/Blue = 100
  • Vicodin = 200

Aside from pills, various coupons were also used.

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