Victory Road is a Pokemon themed TCG created by Jessica. The site had officially opened for prejoin on December 15th, 2017.

The site went on a short hiatus after opening in March 2018, which then reopened in April 2018.



Cards at Victory Road feature only Pokemon. Typically cards 01-10 are official TCG card images while all other media are used 11-20 unless the Pokemon does not have enough TCG images available.

Member Cards

Member Decks

Members complete tasks to unlock their team cards. The decks are displayed on each trainers profile as greyed out until the tasks are completed. Member Decks are essentially your battle team.

Tasks to unlock cards

Pokemon 001

Recieved by: Joining both the site/forum! Pokemon 002

Recieved by: Mastering at least 3 different three-tier Pokemon evolution lines (ex. Geodude line, Mareep line, Pichu line)! Pokemon 003

Recieved by: Spending 5000 stardust at the shop! Pokemon 004

Recieved by: Hatching 10 eggs at the Nursery! Pokemon 005

Recieved by: Maxing out donations for 2 month (does not have to be sequential months)! Pokemon 006

Recieved by: Reaching LVL. 10


  • Level 1: 001-200
  • Level 2: 201-400
  • Level 3: 401-600
  • Level 4: 601-900
  • Level 5: 901-1200
  • Level 6: 1201-1500
  • Level 7: 1501-1900
  • Level 8: 1901-2300
  • Level 9: 2301-2700
  • Level 10: 2701-3200



The main currency at VR is Stardust which spend in the shop. The secondary currency is candies, which are used for mastering decks.


The Daycare is a side activity at VR where you adopt eggs to hatch. You earn footsteps by completeing set tasks to "hatch" you current adopted egg. You get a customized tracker to go with your egg and the outcome of its hatching is random. There is a small chance that you will also hatch a shiny pokemon.

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