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July 2008

World Three
is the first Ah! My Goddess TCG, run by Kajouka.

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Special CardsEdit


  • Rat Ninja: 0-50 Cards
  • Genie: 50-100 Cards
  • Demon Second Class: 100-150 Cards; Master Two Normal Sets
  • Demon First Class: 150-200 Cards; Master Four Normal Sets
  • Mortal: 200-250 Cards; Master One Special Set
  • Fairy: 250-300 Cards; Master Seven Total Sets
  • Tree Spirit: 300-375 Cards; Master Ten Total Sets, including one puzzle set
  • Angel: 375-450 Cards; Master Two Special Sets
  • Goddess Third Class: 450-575 Cards; Master fifteen Total Sets
  • Goddess Second Class: 575-700 Cards; Master seventeen Total Sets
  • Goddess First Class: 700-800 Cards; Master twenty total sets, including one special set worth three.

Once players have reached 801 cards, they will receive 3 cards of choice for every 100 cards and three additional mastered sets (any type).

Mastering DecksEdit

When players have collected all cards in a deck, they have mastered it. Mastered decks cannot be traded out.


World Three uses coins and coupons as currency.



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